Renown Children’s Hospital Scribbles …. Journey to Special Needs Parenting

I recently got the privilege of guest posting on our local children’s hospital blog. Head on over to the  Renown Children’s Hospital Scribbles blog to read the full posts y’all!

Part 1 – It began one December evening in 2004 while we were eating dinner. The phone rang. I saw that it was my daughter’s pediatrician so I answered it. She apologized for calling so late; but she had received the results of Lillian’s blood tests. She went on to tell me that Lillian had a deletion of the short arm of her chromosome #18. Her condition is rare and does not have a name. It was referred to as 18p- since she was missing a piece of the short arm of #18. I cannot recount the details of the rest of the conversation except ….. (Continue reading the post)

Part 2 – Initial feelings during the call or consultation to receive a special needs diagnosis for your child can range from denial, to that of surreal, and bewilderment. What follows next for some is moving into “how do we fix it” mode. And, for some of us, that initial call ends with, “What do you mean you’ve never heard of this?” Others may receive … (Continue reading the post)

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