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  1. Dear Camilla – I got your info from Peggy via our newsletter. I wanted to know if you will take most types of technology equipment to resell in order to buy cell phones? If so, I’d like to e you what I have for approval and find out where to drop it off.

    Also, I want to introduce myself in the hopes that you will use me as a referral. I am a member of UWG as well as a recently retired school counselor and Marriage and Family therapist in Reno who is building her practice. Below is a partial list of my areas of focus and contact information.

    I wish you the very best in all things. Sherry

    Sherryl (Sherry) L. Sanders, M.F.T., M.Ed.
    Educare Global Counseling*
    MAILING Address: 18124 Wedge Parkway # 1066
    SITE Address:
    615 Sierra Rose, suite # 4
    educareglobalcounsel at me dot com

    Individual and Family Therapy
    Families with Members living with Disability Challenges
    Spanish Speaking Families with Young Children’s Issues
    Children’s and Teens Behavioral/Emotional Issues in the School setting
    Equine-assisted Therapies as an option for any of the above which uses the horse as a partner in healing
    Several modalities of Play Therapy

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