Movie Musings: The Treasure Seekers

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June 4, 2011, was movie night for Team TLC. We have a Saturday tradition of watching a movie together in my bedroom making full use of this fancy projector I use for teaching my Social Media workshops.

We get our movies from our local library, South Valleys Library, so most of them are a few years old to really really old! Which actually adds to the adventure of it all in my eyes.  I love popping that DVD in, not knowing what it holds and at the same time knowing it will be 5 year old and 9 year old friendly.  Ya see, I just don’t much care for MANY of the new and newer movies – with a few exceptions.

The Treasure Seekers (amazon affiliate link) was my choice for us tonight.  It’s setting is English Victorian Age and this movie had me hooked from the moment it began.  I loved everything about it. I have not read the book of the same name authored by E. Nesbit; but from what I’ve seen on Amazon this film is loosely based on the book.  Fine by me as I adored this movie.  Thomas and Lillian both sat still and watched the entire movie.  And, actually, they are always happy with what I have chosen. Thomas was a tad bit disappointed as he thought they would literally be searching for treasure.

I saw some of my little family in the Bastable family. A single (widowed) entrepreneur/inventor dad with piles of unpaid bills.  In addition to an olden day loan shark who holds the mortgage on the Bastable home threatening to take the home in seven days. I found this movie to be very inspiring. In addition to holding a message to continue on the journey one has chosen no matter what others think or how uncomfortable it may get along the way. To have faith and NOT give up, especially when it seems that there are no options, choices or hope left.

The Bastable family worked with one another as a team – sometimes on the sly.  The kids were attempting to help Dad every second of the way. Even though throughout the movie their attempts backfired.


The Treasure Seekers is a family movie night must in my opinion. It gets 5 stars from me – family friendly, motivating, inspiring and FUN!

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