10 Keys to Nonprofit Social Media Marketing Success (Part 2)

This is the second of a two-part series of “10 Keys to Nonprofit Social Media Marketing Success”.

Let’s review the first 5 Keys to Nonprofit Social Media Marketing Success from last week:

  1. Mission ~ Successes ~ Logo
  2. Social Media Marketing Goals ~ Strategy ~ Content Guide/Editorial Calendar
  3. Google: Places ~ Alerts ~ Trends/Insights ~ Google for Nonprofits
  4. Facebook: Page ~ Cause ~ Engagement
  5. Twitter:  Search ~ Texting ~ Hashtags

So, what’s the next key? Creating some buzz for those GREAT events all you nonprofits put together!

#6:  Buzz-worthy Events:  Event Pages ~ Twitter ~ Live Video Stream ~ Photo Gallery

There are several Event Management sites that are feature rich.  Eventbrite even has a nonprofit program.  These sites can take payment for you AND they integrate with social networking sites so that supporters can “share” with their community that they will be attending your event.

Twitter can be used to create scavenger hunts and/or contests leading up to the event.  As well as during the event.  Live video stream will create buzz during an event and setting up a photo gallery on a site like Flickr after the event can create buzz for the next event.

#7:  YouTube:  Nonprofit Program ~ Call to Action ~ Video Volunteers

YouTube has a nonprofit program available that gives access to a feature rich YouTube channel for your nonprofit.  You have the ability to overlay a call to action to your organization’s video.  Also, available to nonprofits are video volunteers.  If you qualify and participate in this program you will be paired with an experienced individual to assist with video creation.

#8:  Blogging:  WordPress ~ Engage ~ Expert ~ Ease of Use

WordPress is my choice and favorite for blogging (and for a website for that matter).  Your blog gives you another layer and venue to connect and engage with your supporters.

Since you are in complete control over the length of your blog posts you use your blog when you have more to share than will fit or work on social networking sties.  Your blog is THE place to establish your organization’s expertise in regards to your cause.   WordPress is user friendly and after a slight learning curve is very easy to use.

#9:  Focus: Engaging ~ Connecting ~ Creating ~ Building

Don’t lose your focus by getting caught up in the Followers, Likers, Connections count.  There are also a GREAT deal of distractions when online and on social networking sites.  If it helps create a poster to hang on the wall with your Mission and Social Media Goals as a reminder that you are there to engage, connect, create content and grow your supporters.

#10:  Analyze:  Analytics ~ Comments ~Likes ~ Shares

How will you know your Social Media Marketing efforts are working if you don’t take the time to analyze.  Install Google Analytics to your website so you track the amount and origination of traffic to your website.  Review how many comments and “likes” you are getting and on which types of posts and how many times and what type of information are your connections sharing or retweeting?

Whew! Now you’re thinking that I’m absolutely bonkers as there’s no way in heck you have the time to do all of this.  Remember that none of this is set in stone.  Use this as a generic blueprint to guide your organization to Social Media Marketing Success.  And, don’t forget this, “I choose to make the time to build our organizations brand, gain support for our cause and market our organization online.”

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear some success stories.  Please share if you have the “time” . . . .

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