Spooktacular Fun of Years Gone By


October 31 2014:

Team TLC is off to The Romano Casa for some Spooktacular fun! BOO!

Once a fairy princess, always a fairy princess. Thomas was dressed as “Happy”! Close up picture to follow.

Wahoo from the fairy princess and get your happy on from Thomas dressed as “Happy”. All the treat givers loved Thomas’ home made costume! He almost had me in tears. He was putting candy he collected back into the empty bowls at houses where no one was home. I give away most of what they get, yet they have tons of fun with the anticipation and creating their costumes.

Happy Halloween from a blurry Team TLC. Looks like my phone has been drinking.

October 31 2013:

Lots of LOVE and JOY from Team TLC this Halloween 2013 …. I’m in these pictures dressed as the invisible Mama! BOO and hugs!

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