Not Your Typical Mother’s Day Post

“You’re not like my classmate’s parents”, they say. I ask if that bothers them. “It bothers me that their parents are the way they are. I like how you are.” – A recent conversation with Thomas.

I didn’t start out this way. When Thomas and Lillian were born I was a hardcore conservative. This isn’t a political post, so let’s just say that life gave me a sampler platter of all the things I judged harshly. I chose to open my mind and heart and educate myself about these things. I chose to create friendships outside of my localized bubble, making friends worldwide. This expanded my views even more. Now I am the complete opposite, hardcore progressive. I have done my best, worked my hardest, so that when Thomas and Lillian reach adulthood, they are their true selves.

“You’re just showing off.” – she said. I agree, yes, I am. I’ve spent so many years dimming my glow, not shining my light, for fear of causing discomfort to others, and fear that they will not like it, or me. I just can no longer live that way. – A recent conversation with Lillian.

And honestly, because it attracts fuckboys, assholes, and scoundrels, those who just want to get their penis wet. At this point, I am in tune with my intuition and I know when a person is inauthentic. After 15 years, oh my gosh!!, I am re-entering the dating world so I will be writing a separate post for that.

This is THE BEST Mother’s Day Gift I could ever wish for or receive. Children who have clarity of thinking, discernment, compassion, and empathy. Throughout the years, or at least from the time Thomas was 2 years old and Lillian was 6 years old, I endeavored to raise these two to think for themselves, to make choices aligned with their authentic selves, to live their truth, not what or how society says life should be lived.

I was not given this growing up (not saying that was purposeful), and at 53 years old am finishing what I began about 6 years ago. Unmasking myself and unpacking the ways in which I thought life had to be lived to be happy. Thank you to my amazing therapist who is finishing what I began about 10 years ago. I went as far as I could. She is helping to peel the remaining layers, healing what needs to be healed, revealing all my shiny facets.

Happy Sunday or Happy Mother’s Day; whichever applies to you.


Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing, beautiful Mama.

You have supported me through EVERYTHING. Your love and support never waivers. There are many times you don’t fully understand, but you have never let that stop you from supporting me. Every child deserves this. Thank you for giving that to me.

Love you, Patty Romano!

(Camilla & Patty – 1988 in Biloxi, Mississippi)

2 thoughts on “Not Your Typical Mother’s Day Post

  1. Absolutely love your post. Raised two daughters with my husband with us every step of the way. I constant mantra was Make Your Own Choices because you are the one who has to live with them. Both did and do. So Happy Mother’s Day Mom for giving your kids one of the greatest gifts of life, Freedom

  2. That’s so wonderful, Lacey!! Thanks for reading my post, and adding your own experience! Sending hugs your way!

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