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June 2 2018:

Much gratitude to The Urban Howl for publishing another of my writings …

“Know this.
When riddled with questions,
plagued by confusion,
and held hostage by anxiety,
this is not of the heart.

Distractions, these are,
to cover the message
of the heart,
to prevent one
following the
path of the heart.”

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2 thoughts on “The Path of the Heart Will Emerge – The Urban Howl

  1. This is beautiful Camilla! We shall not forget to listen to the heart message. <3
    Congratulations on being published at the Urban Howl again! Yay! Love, Jessica.

  2. Yes!! Thank you Jessica! I am incredibly grateful that you take the time to read my posts AND to comment!!! Oceans of love to you!! xoxo

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