He’s A Truth Compass

Team TLC Sunset Walk Damonte Ranch Trail 6.18.17 #1

Oh Snap! Thank you to Thomas for continually being the one that says to me, flat out, “That wasn’t kind.” …. He’s like a truth compass when my own internal compass feels like it’s been 20 rounds in the washing machine.

Truth be told, on the day I wrote this, I woke up feeling heavy, sad, overwhelmed …. and EXHAUSTED. Had me a good cry after meditation. Yet, the down feelings remained. I only got one thing accomplished today. I completed a 2 page application and emailed it. Wahooooo! Smokin’ .. HA!

I actually completed it twice. I put the folder on the patio table to put my jacket on and forgot about the folder. When I got back the document had freed itself and went for a joy ride in the wind! So … back to the beginning to complete it again.

Feeling much better now after having a focused and uninterrupted conversation with Thomas this afternoon while Lillian was having her independent time at the lodge. Typically, it’s difficult for he and I to have an uninterrupted conversation.

He wanted to talk about Syria, driving on the left side of the road vs right side, that 52% of people in Finland are left-handed, country borders, Alaska, Hawaii, and how he feels that those who created the country borders must have stopped off at a bar beforehand. Although, he did add that he hasn’t researched the history of country borders so there may be a reason of which he is not aware.

I actually feel much better now. Perhaps it was getting to have a focused and mindful talk with Thomas and a couple of other little blessings that came my way today. I still feel overwhelmed and exhausted, yet not as heavy and sad.

I like to share a glimpse of the downward times with everyone so as to present a balanced picture of Team TLC. I do not share for sympathy or advice … Just to let you know, “Me too.” I BE rollin’ in humanness … the lovely and the unlovely …. And that’s what it’s all about. And now I’ve got Tina Turner performing “Proud Mary” in my mind … Wonderful!! xoxo

I shared this on facebook and the below are the comments from me that followed input from others:

I feel it’s so incredibly important that we be real and transparent with others. There’s so much I do not share as I have an aversion to being around complaining, whether it comes from me or others.

My entire body tenses when presented with complaining. When I do share, I am careful to present it in a way that is simply sharing a snapshot rather than complaining … at least that’s my intent.

Thomas and I have these conversations daily. Maybe I don’t get out enough or around others enough; but, his thought processes blow my mind. Yesterday, he told me he was researching World War II and how Hitler came to power. He was comparing it to a current political situation. He then switched to immigration and deeply feels that the root of the issue is not being addressed. He compared it with something I’m having a hard time remembering … It had to do with borders and comparing to a physics theory having to do with two boxes side by side.

I feel the more of us that share our humanness the more in tune with one another we’d all feel and be.

I am moved at times to pop that bubble of separation we place amongst ourselves. We are all traveling a unique path; yet, with many similarities along the way .. And, I am a huge supporter and practitioner of releasing through crying. It is incredibly relaxing … xoxo

See It. Share It. BE IT … Spread Love Everywhere You Go!

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2 thoughts on “He’s A Truth Compass

  1. I love this post. And Thomas is so wise! What a gift to have such a sweet reminder around in the shape of a person. I really get where you’re coming from with the challenging juggle of wanting to be real versus not wanting to linger in the unpleasant or complain. I struggle with that same issue.

    Often is just feels so delicious to share a satisfying realisation or notice a shift that it just trumps lingering in the days that I struggle more. Those days I feel much more inclined to just ride it out, than to write about it. Not to hide it, but to not amplify it. Thank you for sharing this and for sparking this reflection in myself. Much love to you.

  2. Thank you Yvon for taking the time to read what I’ve put forth! And, I’m incredibly blessed that this sparked a reflection for you. I love when that happens for me when reading others writings. That is why I feel strongly about sharing what I experience. I do absolutely write about almost all of what I experience, yet, much of that is in my journal. It’s therapeutic and releasing for me to write about it. Much, Much love to you too Yvon!!! xoxo

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