Poetry: Brother, One Day You Shall Be Released

Bench in Snow Vintage Lake Brother Poem 2017

Some of you, many of you, may not know I have a brother who is five years younger than me. Well, I do. And his name is Robert …

This is dedicated to my younger brother and all in a similar situation. Please pray and meditate for them.

Brother, One Day You Shall Be Released

I feel your pain.
I feel the sadness
that penetrates
deep into your soul.

The unfulfilled longing
to feel loved,
and validated.

I do not judge
you for the hunger
so extreme that
you have chosen to fill
that inner void
with addictive substances.

All of us need this
necessary soul-food of
unconditional love.

I do not judge
for giving your
soul temporary relief
with these substances.

I only send you
unconditional love,
as you are worthy
to receive this love.

As are your brothers and
sisters who walk
beside you in this
path littered with
and the broken pieces
of your life.

I feel the fear you feel.
We have all felt this
fear at some point
in our lives.

I do not judge
for the hurtful
decisions you
make for I know
your heart is clouded
by these substances.

I send and hold for
you what you are worthy
and deserving of receiving.
Unconditional love.

Yet, you may not feel
this love as your heart is
closed and frozen.

Perhaps in this lifetime
your heart will thaw and open
to the unconditional love
that surrounds you, that is within
you, that YOU ARE.

Perhaps not. Only you
and the Divine know what
your path is to be.

Either way, I wrap
your beautiful heart
in unconditional love.

And there I will hold it
for you until you are
released from the fear
that binds you to
these addictive substances.

I love you.
Your Earth Sister, Camilla.
-2017 Lessons from Nature, Camilla Downs

**It has taken me years; yes, years, to finally confront and feel the anxiety I felt when Robert tried reaching out to me. His addiction has been ongoing for around 15 years now.

Robert had messaged me through facebook earlier this week. Then, I experienced a huge shift on Wednesday where I finally GOT that the anxiety I felt when he reached out was within me and had to do with ME … not him. I sat with it and then let it go …

I was finally able to respond back to him and I had a knowing that I was to write this poem dedicated to him. I sent this poem to him first before posting on here. I knew others needed to see this.

I write this poem having had a completely different view and attitude in years past. I now know I was wrong … I was unconscious of the oneness of all of humanity.

There are those who ponder, “Why bother with people who have addictions.” People who feel that way are disconnected from the oneness of humanity. All we can do is send them love also.

Why bother? Because we are all souls inside of these human bodies. Addictions, prejudices, unkindness is NOT who we are. People have addictions due to feeling as if no one cares (even though that’s not the case) and this creates fear.

Fear is the root of addiction and fear is the root of those who ponder, “Why bother?” Both, those who think this and those with the addiction, need and deserve unconditional love.

Once we have more people receiving and knowing unconditional love, their disconnectedness (addictions, prejudices, etc) will simply melt and their hearts will thaw. And then they will share unconditional love and we will have an awakened humanity … xoxo


See It. Share It. BE IT … Spread Love Everywhere You Go!

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  1. Thank you Billie! I am incredibly blessed that this is meaningful to you! Thank you for taking the time to comment! Oceans of hugs and love! xoxo

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