Movie Musings: Bamboo Princess, Gandhi, and Angels

“The Tale of Princess Kaguya” (amazon affiliate link) … Lillian says, “Emotional, good, musical, great, amazing, good animation, pretty scenery, and awesome!” Thomas says, “Super-duper good, good story, good animation, great, really liked it, emotional near the end, and I really liked it.” Tale of the bamboo girl. This one was good, yet my favorites of the Studio Ghibili so far are: “As the Wind Rises” and “Kiki’s Delivery Service”.

“Gandhi” (amazon affiliate link) …. “The way of truth and love has always won.” Thomas says, “Really good, spiritual, inspiring, good feeling, amazing.” Lillian says, “Good, amazing, emotional, cool, and shocking.” “Wonderful,” I say.

“The Bishop’s Wife” (amazon affiliate link) .. I can’t believe I’ve never seen this! Loved it! “Loving-kindness and warm hearts bring peace on earth.” Thomas says, “Amazing, cool, funny, hilarious, miraculous, and really liked it!” Lillian says, “Good, romantic, Christmasy, good miracles, awesome, fabulous, funny, good theme, amazing, and good moral.”

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