Latest News: Magical Transformation

**** Currently undergoing a creative process of magical transformation **** (HeeHee)

Borrowed from Incredible Joy on facebook

This seemed like a fun and light-hearted way to give y’all an update on my absence. I apologize for not having posted this sooner. It has been several months (plus some). I do feel our entire lives could be described as “under construction”, but there’s been a great deal of heavy duty stuff going on for me in which I’m learning about my true Self.

At times it’s been deep, dark, and not fun with a rounding out of knowing, miracles and excitement. With the finale of an opening up to the alchemy of ME!

I hope to post again in the next month with a further update. Simply wanted to get a quick update out to everyone.

Thank you so very much. I am deeply grateful for your kindness and support!

Heartfuly Inspired™,
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