Inspired Living: Success Photo A Day

“Sitting down for dinner with my little family ….. Success!”

Mission: Take one photo a day of an image representing success from your own perspective. The mission ends on March 4 2014.

Should you choose to accept this mission, post your daily photo to facebook, instagram, twitter or your blog. I’ll be sharing my daily photo on instagram … @camilladowns. At the conclusion of our success photo a day mission, I’ll post an article on my blog containing all of my success photos. I’d rather not post a daily photo on the blog which is why I’m using instagram.

I assigned this to the students I’m teaching right now and thought it’d be fun to play along with them and invite y’all to play along also!

Take ONE photo a day of something or someone that represents success in your opinion and your point of view. This DOES NOT have to be a person or a business. It could be a tree or flower you’ve watched grow from a seedling. It could be a pet that you’ve watched grow.

Think outside of the box. Smash that box and open your eyes to the little successes that surround you every single day. It could be something as simple as finishing a book you’ve been reading or completing a project you’ve been working on.

Give each photo a hashtag of #SuccessPhotoADay so you can see what others are sharing also!

Should you choose not to accept this mission, you can press delete or wait 5 minutes and the post will self destruct into a big ray of sunshine! Hahaha!!

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