2 thoughts on “Book Trailer: D iz for Different

  1. Congratulations Camilla!
    Your new book is sure to bring inspiration to those with “differently-abled” loved ones. You certainly have found your true calling and how fortunate others are that you are willing to share your journey.

    You are an inspiration for all of us who have loved ones who are challenged by being different. We often learn life’s most important lessons from those who begin each day with courage. So often they show us how to appreciate life with truth, love and joy. I’m sure your book will help so many navigate the bitter to appreciate the sweet.

    “D iz for Different” is sure to become inspiration for many!

  2. Oh Rebecca!! Thank you tons and tons for all your kind words. So grateful to have connected with you back 2009 at Blogworld!! Hopefully our paths will cross again one day soon!! You just tipped my cup to overflowing … you have blessed me with your words … 🙂

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