Seven Trains on Four Tracks

October 23 2023

Actual conversation with myself:

I need to do this. Oh don’t forget about that. ‘Walks into the bathroom’ – Oh, crap. I forgot about doing this. ‘Walks into kitchen’ – Damn, I keep forgetting that. Then sees or hears a phrase and thinks that would make a good poem. Makes note of so as not to forget. Then looks outside and sees the amazing clouds and makes way outside for photo. Then enter a rabbit hole of researching college scholarships, genes and chromosomes, best sci-fi movies, and best fantasy novels.

Tries to keep all of these thoughts going at once until I can get to my calendar to make a note of each. Also, reminding myself to breathe and stay calm, and that I will get to all of it eventually. Once in the calendar, I breathe a sigh of relief as I eject that information. Whew! 🤣💀😂

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