There is More Than One Way


Mine is not a better way, it is merely another way.

It is my belief that there is not only one way and no one way is better than the other. I feel when we come to embrace that there are many ways, we will also become empowered by the knowing that, although many travel different paths; we are united in our goal.

Each person’s way, is the way for that person. I believe the way I choose to live life is the way for me and leads to my goal … And so it is. My neighbor believes a different way is the way and will lead to his goal … And so it is. All paths lead to the same goal of happiness.

Thinking there is only one way is what leads us to judge one another and therefore further separate from one another. There is no need for me to understand why my neighbor chooses a different way. Once I release judgment, the feeling of needing to understand and judge others will release on its own.


Once we embrace that there is no ONE way towards our shared goal, human life would improve for all. The magic of civility, cooperation, and collaboration would replace their counterparts.

The way I have chosen is by choice. And it’s a choice driven from the heart. It is a choice that relies on the grace of God, the Universe, and at times that grace comes forth through the loving kindness of others.

It is my deepest desire that I am living and modeling for Thomas and Lillian, and others, to listen to the call of the heart; no matter the difficulties that ensue from heeding that call. The difficulties can and will dissolve if chosen to be seen as opportunities.

These thoughts came forth upon receiving an email questioning my way of living and then later reading, “What God Said”, by Neale Donald Walsch.


email message received in August 2016:

“I read your blog often and find your life fascinating.  However, you often complain about lack of money, funds are tight, etc.  And you and your kids find ways to “make it work.” Also, you frequently rely on the kindness of others to make it all work.

Wouldn’t it make more sense for you to get a job that allows you to cover your expenses? While you may like being a free spirit, I wonder if it’s by choice or by necessity.  Wouldn’t some stability, via gainful employment, take some stress out of your life and eliminate the need for your kids to have to endure a kind of financial stress that no young child should have to endure?

I am not being critical but, at the same time, I do not understand.”

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2 thoughts on “There is More Than One Way

  1. Dearest Camilla, I think you are an amazing person. The sacrifices you have made to be there for your children 100%.
    If you were to work, who would be there to love, guide and support Lillian?
    I have made huge life changes too based around my daughter Ella who as you know also shares the same chromosome detention as Lil. I have given up work and started my business from home all so I can be there to support Ella 100%. And yes it’s hard, and sometimes stressful, but we make these choices because we know in our hearts it is what is right for our Children.
    Hopefully in years to come we can stand back and look at what we have done and know we did our very best and it has all paid off.
    Your way of life is beautiful. You have two amazing children who are very lucky to have you.
    People need to know that money isn’t everything, You are so right Love, happiness for our Children are the most important things in life.

  2. Thank you Deb for your beautiful input. I am truly blessed by your friendship.

    At first, I did indeed judge the sender of this email and my heart was bruised. Yet, after getting my ego and mind out of the way, I released any judgments. It is none of my business how another person views my life. That is theirs to deal with and process.

    Although from the outside it may seem like I sacrifice, I choose to not see it that way. I choose to do what I do from a place of love, not a place of “I am obligated to do this.” I see that I’d be doing the same thing either way. I can tell myself I’m doing so and so and it’s a sacrifice. Or, I could tell myself there is only love in my heart and this is what love would do. I know this is the place you live your life as well.

    Sending oceans of love to you, Ella, and your family!! xoxo

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