Artistic Creation and Mindfulness – Writer’s Life Podcast

Several months ago I was a guest of Nancy Christie’s on “Living the Writer’s Life” Podcast. I’m behind on sharing these types of events, yet, here we are! Nancy and I explore the role of mindfulness in artistic creation and … Continue reading

Book Musings: Parenting and Mindfulness and Words

The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents I’ve owned this book since 2009 or 2010 and it’s one I re-read and have incorporated into our family discussions. Here are a few excerpts: “…. However, a child who was taught from the … Continue reading

Dear Meltdown: Meet My Friend Mindfulness

Anger is like a storm rising up from the bottom of your consciousness. When you feel it coming, turn your focus to your breath. ~Thich Nhat Hanh I recently received the honor of having one of my articles accepted for … Continue reading

Book Musings: Peace, Gratitude, Mindfulness, Meditation, Emotions

“Tibetan Tales for Little Buddhas” (amazon affiliate link) – Simple, enchanting tales that give a glimpse into Tibetan culture, sharing inspiring wisdom relating to peace, gratitude and seeing with the heart. I was only going to read one per night. Thomas and … Continue reading

Inspired Living: What Does Mindfulness Mean

I quite often toss around the word “mindfulness” on this blog. I sat down today to write a post with tips for mindful parenting. As I began to write, I realized that I had never researched and shared with you … Continue reading

Full of Imagination and Wonder – Where Would You Fly Review

Thank you to Helen for this beautiful review of Lillian’s book. My review for Where Would You Fly? & Other Magical Stories by Lillian Darnell, 5/5 stars. The first line of the blurb for this book reads: Welcome to the … Continue reading

A Life Changing Visit to South Lake Tahoe – James Interviews Camilla

Several months back, I was honored to be a guest on JQM Literary Chat with James Quinlan Meservy. James and covered where my first name originated, my roots, poetic words bubbling to the surface, and a life changing visit to … Continue reading

Throwback Post: Float Your Boat

**THROWBACK POST** (Photo by me, taken during a 2017 Walk) December 11 2017: After an extremely rough afternoon, what a blessing to receive a sweet, loving, kind, and generous message … Just the push I needed to bring on the … Continue reading

How Walking, Nature, and Photography Inspire Creativity – The Creator’s Roulette

In September I was a guest on Armed with a book as part of The Creator’s Roulette series. Kriti has created an amazing space and website, and I’m incredibly blessed that she and I met in an online author/book blogger … Continue reading

No Idea What I’m Doing While Earth Dancing With Three Positive Words – Sonya Interviews Camilla

This past July I took part in a written interview with Sonya of “A Lover of Books”. Before the interview could post, Sonya made a decision to retire from book blogging, which I fully understand. Book blogging can be intense! … Continue reading