The Road Trip Adventure That Was the 2019 Chromosome 18 Family Conference

In July we attended the 2019 Chromosome 18 Family Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was the 4th time since 2008 that I had driven to the conference. I finally learned my limits with this drive. In this case, the … Continue reading

11 Ways to Help Team TLC With Attending the Chromosome 18 Conference

We need your help! Last minute fund raising for Team TLC’s attendance at the 2017 Chromosome 18 Family Conference in Naperville, Illinois from July 12th – July 15th. Fortunately, we have a sponsor who has loaned us money for our … Continue reading

Latest News: 20th Annual Chromosome 18 Registry Family Conference – Part 3


(Thank you Steve Marshall for the picture of our sign!) 20th Annual Chromosome 18 Registry Family Conference News & Recognition Positive Exposure Research Updates Syndrome Breakout Groups Self Advocate/Sibling Mixer Moms’ Night Out Special Needs Planning Program Yoga Interactive Session … Continue reading

Latest News: Trains, Planes and Automobiles: 2013 Chromosome 18 Conference – Part 2

(Team TLC at 30,000 feet up somewhere between Reno and Las Vegas) Well, almost! Buses, Planes and Automobiles! That’s how we got from Reno, Nevada to Savannah, Georgia for the 20th Annual Chromosome 18 Conference. Southwest Airlines does not fly … Continue reading

Latest News: Thank YOU – Team TLC 2013 Chromosome 18 Conference Fundraiser – Part 1

Team TLC returned from the Chromosome 18 Conference on Friday, August 2, 2013. It was a great and heart warming experience for all three of us. First, and most importantly, I have overflowing gratitude for the people in our lives … Continue reading

Why It Matters: 20th Annual Chromosome 18 Conference

Why does this matter so much? I’ve been carrying on a great deal about the upcoming Chromosome 18 Conference this July in Savannah, Georgia, thought I’d take a minute to touch on why this is so important to us. A … Continue reading

Journey to Magical Moments – The 19th Annual Chromosome 18 Conference


Another summer and another Chromosome 18 Conference has come to an end. Another journey of adventures with crazy luggage, stairs, peaceful strolls along the Riverwalk, laughter, tears and …. magical moments. A journey to a place where not everyone knows … Continue reading

Celebrating the 52nd Birthday – Camilla Downs

On February 26, 2022 I turned 52 years old. I seem to be behind in many non-urgent tasks these days. My body decided to get my attention once I hit 50, along with being extremely exhausted. I’ve had my hands … Continue reading

Throwback Post: Book Endorsements – D iz for Different and Where Would You Fly

**Throwback to 2018 or 2019 when a fellow author asked me about the endorsements I received for my first book, and for Lillian’s book.** For my 1st book published in 2012 I received an endorsement/book blurb from Julie Ziglar (Zig … Continue reading