The Alchemy of You

The Alchemy of You – Empowering You from Within
Mentoring with Camilla

  • Who struggles with self appreciation? It has certainly been a deep learning curve for me and I feel the art of self appreciation is needed by so many of us.
  • Who struggles with decision making at times? Another that has certainly been an area of confusion for me at times.
  • Who holds back, not sharing of your authentic self, and not saying what you feel you should be saying? Hand raised to this one.
  • Who has internal triggers arising from interactions with others or from the thoughts in one’s mind? Triggers in this case meaning irritation, anger, sadness, guilt, fears, and any of their friends.

“Camilla is a wonderful mentor. I took four sessions with her. She taught me simple techniques to connect with my inner self, and enjoy the present moment. She also helped me cultivate more self-trust, self-love, and peace of mind. What I loved the most about her mentoring sessions was that the answers I was seeking for, came from the heart! I also loved the writing and breathing exercises she shared with me. Thank you Camilla!” Jessica Araus, Netherlands

“I’ve have done 3 sessions with Camilla, and the process has been so healing for me during this tough time I am experiencing. I highly recommend initiating contact with Camilla if you need an alternative way to process the stresses of life. She is empowering and kind!” – Maria Barber, Nevada

Which is why I was inspired, nearly five years after the idea was born, to soft launch my mentoring program, The Alchemy of You – Empowering You from Within, by offering 10 gratis sessions. Eight sessions are taken with two remaining.

You do not have to be local to Reno, Nevada USA. The six taken sessions are with a client in The Netherlands; clients in Mississippi, Nevada, and California, USA; and in Australia.

Definition of appreciation: the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something (

Definition of appreciate: Rise in value. Recognize the full worth of (Oxford)

For the past 20 years I have been on a path of opening my heart. I believe when we focus on opening our own heart, we help in opening the hearts of all.

As I continue to open my heart, I feel the time has come to share what I’ve learned to assist others in this process. The content I share is a compilation of all I have learned over the past 20 years. Content that has been processed through my mind and heart, stirred and shaken with my own personality and soul to be shared with you.

During a session, client chooses a situation that triggers negative emotions, responses, or uncomfortableness. This could be a situation at work, in a relationship, or something triggered by a complete stranger or even a trigger of our own thoughts.

I walk client through connecting with the emotion/feeling to release it and to further open the heart. Love is the root of these sessions as you learn how to love yourself through any situation or event. Your session will be via facebook messenger video or similar and will last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

The sessions are to guide you in changing the way you experience and perceive life from within. During a session with me, I will See you and I will Hear you.

I feel what is holding so many of us back from being our authentic selves and knowing what we want to contribute to the world are these triggers and our response to them.

I like to describe the process I offer as a recipe, and like all recipes the ingredients can be adjusted by the client to suit their “taste”.

Comment here, use the Contact Page, or send an email to CamillaDowns at if you’d like to reserve a session.