The Alchemy of You

The Alchemy of You – Empowering You from Within
Mentoring with Camilla

This powerful 4 session mentoring program brings peace of mind to one in the midst of confusion, stress or disempowerment. Followed by a deep sense of appreciation for one’s self.

The time is now to begin an Appreciation Revolution. The time is now to learn the Power of Self Appreciation, thereby opening one’s heart. The time is now to spread and share the Power of Self Appreciation to any who feel called. 

Two factors form the root of these mentoring sessions. Writing and Love. By way of learning the Power of Self Appreciation, writing openly from the heart, and loving oneself through anything and everything that comes into one’s experience.

These techniques will help in:

    • decision making, 
    • being ones true self and speaking one’s truth,
    • knowing the solutions to situations, 
    • diffusing internal triggers when they arise, and 
    • paving the way for more harmonious relationships with loved ones and strangers alike.

“Camilla is a wonderful mentor. I took four sessions with her. She taught me simple techniques to connect with my inner self, and enjoy the present moment. She also helped me cultivate more self-trust, self-love, and peace of mind. What I loved the most about her mentoring sessions was that the answers I was seeking for, came from the heart! I also loved the writing and breathing exercises she shared with me. Thank you Camilla!” Jessica Araus, Netherlands

“I signed up for Camillas mentoring sessions during a tough time of decision making and advocating for my special needs child. I had four sessions with her and the sessions and processes were healing for me and guided me through the decision making from a heart centered place. She is empowering and kind and the sessions brought me to peace!” – Maria Barber, Nevada

Nearly five years after the idea was born, I was inspired to soft launch my mentoring program, The Alchemy of You – Empowering You from Within, by offering 10 gratis sessions. All of the gratis sessions have been claimed.

You do not have to be local to Reno, Nevada USA. Sessions to date have been with a client in The Netherlands; clients in Mississippi, Nevada, and California, USA; and in Australia.

Definition of appreciation: the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something (

Definition of appreciate: Rise in value. Recognize the full worth of (Oxford)

For the past 20 years I have been on a path of opening my heart. I believe when we focus on opening our own heart, we help in opening the hearts of all.

As I continue to open my heart, I feel the time has come to share what I’ve learned to assist others in this process. The content I share is a compilation of all I have learned over the past 20 years. Content that has been processed through my mind and heart, stirred and shaken with my own personality and soul to be shared with you.

During a session, client chooses a situation that triggers negative emotions or a situation to which a solution is sought.

I walk client through connecting with the emotion/feeling to release it and to further open the heart. While at the same time, allowing oneself to write about the situation from the heart. Your session will be via facebook messenger video or similar and will last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

The sessions are to guide you in changing the way you experience and perceive life from within. The sessions are about feeling and processing what desires to be felt and released. During a session with me, I will See you and I will Hear you.

I feel what is holding so many of us back from being our authentic selves and knowing what we want to contribute to the world are these triggers and our response to them.

I like to describe the process I offer as a recipe, and like all recipes the ingredients can be adjusted by the client to suit their “taste”.

Comment here, use the Contact Page, or send an email to CamillaDowns at if you’d like to reserve a session.

Each session cost $40. Should you choose to pay for the full 4 sessions in advance, the fee is discounted to $140 (instead of $160). You can pay for your session(s) by going here.

I offer prana pay for those who feel they would benefit and who cannot afford the full fee (this simply means you pay what you can). You can also choose to sponsor someone by donating any amount you choose, by going here

Oceans of love to you …. xoxo

See It. Share It. BE IT … Spread Love Everywhere You Go!

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