Poetry and Photography: Can I Handle The Changes

Fall Leaves and Trees Vintage Lake Path with Can I Poem 12.2017

Can I?

The changes.
Create fear,
they do.

We’re all getting older,
life is not as it was.

What is this strange
thing happening?

It is true things change,
nothing stays the same.

What is happening?

Can I handle the changes?

It’s all changing
I’m changing
they are changing
nothing is as it was.

There’s no stopping
the changes.

It’s the one thing
we can be sure will
arrive – changes.

Why do the changes
create such suffering?
Why do the changes
have to be experienced
in isolation .. loneliness?

Why does one allow
the mind to create such
suffering with the changes?

Why can one not
be in the midst
of the changes.
and simply shift
one’s perspective?

That’s not how
it is anymore.
Got it.
Let’s move forward.

Why can this not be
done with releasing
that which was and is
no longer?

Why does the change
seem to have suffering
as its sidekick?

Can I handle the changes
happening in my life?

Why does one crave

Why does one want
the comfort of
knowing how it
is to be?

Why does one
want to experience
change with
another by their side?

Can I handle the changes
of my life?

What other path
is there?

Embrace the change
Shift one’s perspective
Go with the flow
And know one is truly not alone.


Resist the change,
want what is no longer,
and create suffering
for oneself and those
one loves.

I know what this
heart chooses
And will never forget
what the heart will
always choose.

Every morning meditation
and in every moment
this is the place
I will attempt to Be.

Give up, I will not …..

Go with the flow
And know.

Come my child
Let it Go.

This is the Way
of non-suffering.

-2017, Lessons from Nature

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