Movie Musings: Fairytale and Friendship and Outer Space

Fairytale Movie May 2016

Fairytale: A True Story …. It was my turn to choose this time. I say, “Wonderful story and beautiful scenery! Can’t wait to look up more about this.” Thomas says, “Good, mesmerizing, nice, I liked it, a really good movie, liked the script and actors.” Lillian says, “Really good, adventurous, good for fairy lovers, good scenery, and loved it!” April 2016

Heidi Movie April 2013

From a 2013 Movie Night …

Heidi – Love, Forgiveness, Friendship and Miracles! I’ll take that!!

The Cat from Outer Space Move April 2014

From a 2014 Movie Night …

The Cat from Outer Space – We were in the mood for something silly! This is it!!!