Short Story: What Does Freedom Mean to You

Camilla Feet in the Sand 2017

Do you ever feel like running barefoot and free and howling with the moon?  … Sent with howls of love … xoxo

It is her intent to release the discomfort. She is ready to release it and be free. She is ready to live this life from love instead of fear. She is ready to be free. Free to follow her heart. Free to live in peace and bliss. Free to trust herself. Free to live as much as possible from her true Self. Free to listen.

Free to jump. Free to leap when it speaks to her. Free to write what she’s supposed to write and share. Free to dance. Free to go barefoot in the moonlight. Free to leave footprints in the sand of life’s beach and free to watch them disappear as if they were never there.

Free to experience fully each moment of life with no thoughts of what just happened, what happened yesterday or last week; or thoughts of what comes next or what will happen tomorrow or next week. Free to BE exclusively committed to that which she is immersed in the moment.

Free to sway with the wind. Free to kiss and hug a tree. Free to run her fingers along the tip tops of the grass. Free to take a nap in the sand with toes wiggling and giggling as each piece of sand makes its way through the cracks and crevices of her toes. Some getting stuck to stay for a while and some gliding on through.

Free to smile at all whose eyes hers meet. Free to hug freely and receive hugs freely. Free to let another soul know how much she cares for them without fear of rejection and abandonment. Free to receive unconditional love. Free to give unconditional love. Free to BE unconditional love.

Free to write for hours on end should her soul desire it. Free to learn the art of the making music. Free to let Love’s music flow from her heart through a magical instrument into the peaceful air that surrounds. Free to let the music surround her body and caress it with each note as it climbs to the heavens to caress the cosmos.

Free to love all beings and all animals. Free to love the grass, the bushes, the trees, the dirt, the rocks, the sand, the sky, the clouds, the soil, the water, the hills, the mountains, the snow, the wind, the rain, the thunder, the lightening …. Free to love the the wolves, the giraffes, the zebras, the horses, dogs, the cats, the pigs, the cows, the sheep, the butterflies, the birds, the fish, the frogs, the bugs, the snakes, the spiders … All BEings.

Free to scream from the bowels of her soul … F R E E D O M …. She wishes to be contained no longer. She is compelled to break free of this shell, this shield placed around her ages and moons ago. Like the baby chick breaking free from its shell, like the butterfly breaking free from its cocoon … with intense passion she patiently chips away at the shellshield built by others and by her lower self.

Like a prisoner who has no tools with which to escape, She uses bare hands and nails to scratch and tear her Self free from this shellshield. With its hundreds of gnarly scars, rough and broken with welts of pain healed over. The time has come to be released. The time has to come to have more than a peephole of an opening. Break the f*** free, saunter out, and howl with the moon. And, BE FREE …. Hallelujah …. And, so it is …

-2018, Lessons from Nature – Camilla Downs

See It. Share It. BE IT … Spread Love Everywhere You Go!

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Short Story: Dandelion Has Questions

Dandelion 2016

Dandelion Has Questions

One warm sunny day a dandelion was born on Sunshine Hill. From the moment he arrived, he was full of joy and questions. The one question for which he could never seem to know the answer was why he was here, what is he supposed to be doing, and what is his name.

Dandelion was a great helper too. He helped others find answers and things they had lost. He had deep compassion for all beings and for Mother Earth. He was not able to physically help other beings, yet, he used his thoughts and words he shared with others to be of help.

One warm, spring day caterpillar came to dandelion. Caterpillar looked incredibly sad as she approached dandelion half dragging all of her feet. Dandelion asked caterpillar how she was doing. Caterpillar answered she was sad and worried because she looks so different from all the other caterpillars. She’s gotten so tired, she can’t think of anything else other than building a nest and going to sleep. She feels lost and confused and does not know how to be with the changes that are happening in her world.

Dandelion shared with caterpillar that even though she may not feel it, there is deep love within her. She is loved beyond anything her thoughts can imagine. Dandelion also shared with her that it is not her true self who compares her little caterpillar body to other caterpillar bodies. It is not her true self who judges how she looks and feels.

Dandelion further shared that although she does not understand, there is a reason she feels this pain and feelings of being so tired. Her heart and body are preparing for a shift, preparing for the next level of her growth. He asked her to imagine that within her heart is the love of the entire universe. The love that created all that she can see, smell, touch, and hear. The love the Sun and Moon shares with the Earth every single day. The love that is also preparing her for this huge shift which she does not yet understand.

Caterpillar thanked dandelion with overflowing gratitude as she felt so much better. She shared with dandelion that she feels much stronger, lighter, and able to continue her journey.

The next day, a great tortoise ever so slowly made his way up sunshine hill where dandelion lived. Dandelion did not know why, yet felt he had been waiting for Mr. Tortoise to come visit.

Dandelion asked, “Please Mr. Tortoise tell me my name, why I am here, and what I am supposed to do while I’m here? I’ve asked all the other animals and none of them have answered me.”

Mr. Tortoise slowly finished chewing the banana plant leaf he was eating. He looked at dandelion. Tortoise seemed to be thinking about how to answer the question.

After what seemed like forever to dandelion, Tortoise began, “My dear dandelion. You have been doing what you came here to do since the moment you were born. You came here to be the dandelion that only you can be. You came here to share divine love in only the way that you can as the unique dandelion you are.

Yes, but what is my name asked dandelion. Why, your name matches you perfectly, exclaimed Mr. Tortoise. For what you were to do while here, was already known before you came. Dandelion could barely contain his excitement. Please, Mr. Tortoise, what is my name?

Tortoise slowly turned to begin the journey back down Sunshine Hill. As he began heading away from dandelion, he turned towards him one last time. His parting words to dandelion, “As I make my way down sunshine hill, I want you to relax, quiet your thoughts, release your questions, be still in silence. By the time I reach the bottom of the hill you will know your name.”

Dandelion trusted Mr. Tortoise and knew this would lead to the answer for the biggest question he’d ever had.

Just as Tortoise reached the bottom of sunshine hill, he heard great peels of laughter echoing from above. On the heels of laughter, came a tremendous “THANK YOU MR. TORTOISE!! I know my name, I know my name, and you were right. I’ve been doing what I came here to do all along.”

Tortoise turned, raised his neck, and looking towards the top of Sunshine Hill, smiled, and, whispered, And So It Is.

What is dandelions name? The name and message that came to dandelion once he was quiet and still?

LoveSeed. LoveSeed is dandelion’s name and he is here to plant and share loving kindness where ever he goes and to whomever he encounters.

You, too, are here to share love in the way that only you can. A way that is unique to you. You may not know what that is right now. Just remember to always be you and to create and live as you feel inspired.

And never forget that a great and huge love is within you. In fact, you are this great and huge love. We simply forget this some times. It’s okay. There will always be a fellow human, animal, or plant life; who comes along to remind you of this just when you need it most.

Don’t worry about what others are doing, or not doing. Don’t worry if others don’t understand you or your creations or the way in which you share love. For that is the reason you are here. -©2018, Camilla Downs

See It. Share It. BE IT … Spread Love Everywhere You Go!

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Short Story: The Three Ghosts

Black and White Three Ghosts #1
(Photo Credit Camilla Downs)

A Short Story inspired by the alchemy from the October 18, 2017 Alchemist Theatre show.

The Three Ghosts

She opened her eyes and saw three ghost like figures covered in nearly translucent and tattered bed sheets.

Slowly and with thinly veiled fear she approached the first figure. She asked what it had to impart to her.

She intuitively knew she had to lift the sheet to learn the answer. The fear had welled to a point where she knew if something didn’t happen to halt it, the anxiety would overtake her mind.

With trembling hands she delicately and slowly lifted the sheet. With utter surprise and sheer awe she saw that the figure held the message of strength and was only patiently waiting for her to retrieve the gift of Strength.

The figure handed her a black cube which she instinctively knew was to be absorbed by her entire body. “For I will be your strength. It is I who move you to do the things you know not why you are moved to do them. This cube represents the Strength that has always been within your heart.”

Years of “me too” led her to believe she was not strong and should not stand up for what she believed in her heart. By absorbing the gifted cube, she would release all that she had boxed within.

She claimed this gift of Strength and knew it would never leave her.

With an air of conviction she approached the next figure. With much less timid hands she lifted the sheet. This figure revealed to her how deep judgments about life, other beings, and nature had been encoded in her DNA.

The figure lifted a nearly transparent hand to reveal a bronze colored pendant in the shape of a cross. She knew she was to absorb this within her being to melt the misguided judgments about life, other beings, and nature.

She claimed this gift of Enlightenment and knew it to be The Way.

With much more confidence she approached the last figure. She could already feel the weight of this message and the knowing it would impart.

She slowly lifted the sheet. What met her eyes was a history of angry peoples who fought one another with a mighty and violent force.

With two nearly transparent hands the figure reached into it’s chest and extracted a heart that was alive with nature. All of nature was contained within this heart.

She again knew she was to absorb the heart into her own. She would be the one who lived life differently. She would not live an angry life and would not fight with a mighty and violent hand.

She is to meet all of life with love, all that she called into her life with love, all that life presented so that she could move forward in life’s journey with love.

Not only that she is to be the protector of and soul fairy for trees and nature. She is to meet injustice done to trees and nature with love and peace knowing that those who cause harm know not what they do.

She claimed this gift of Love and knew the Oneness it contained.

She knew in her heart and soul that she had been given her life back. A life that began to be taken from her as a wee young one in this life.

Yet, much farther back in another life. It was time. She was ready to accept these gifts, ready to have the veil of illusion lifted once and for all.

And, so it was.


See It. Share It. BE IT … Spread Love Everywhere You Go!

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