Walk With Me

“When we are with Nature, we are awake, and we discover many interesting things and reach many a mark we are not aiming at.” ~John Muir

Vintage Lake Path April 2016

What is a Walk With Me Session?

A Walk With Me session is a unique nature-centered style of coaching. Sessions include five phases:

  1. An email exchange to solidify the reason for the session
  2. Initial stage – Meeting face to face and diving into the reason for our session
  3. Middle stage – Moving deeper into the reason and going for a walk together in domestic nature (a paved or dirt trail)
  4. Final stage – Ending the session by sitting down together and re-visiting highlights of the session
  5. A custom writing or poem created by me as a reflection and reminder for you

Stages 2-4 occur consecutively.

**New Simpler Session** (as of August 2016)

This offering does not include in depth coaching.

3 Easy Steps

  1. We meet for walk.

2) We set intention(s) for the walk.

3) We walk and focus.

The charge is $10/mile. The little lake where we live is about a mile and a half when walked around twice, so that would be $15.

We take our pets for walks as we know it’s good for them. Why not take ourselves for walks too? We can walk in silence, we can chat, or I can help you to reconnect with nature and inner peace. If you decide you’d like to add coaching or mentoring that can certainly be added …. xoxo

Potential Benefits of a Walk With Me Session

  • Clarity about a specific situation
  • Clarity about your life purpose
  • Clarity concerning your given talents and how to express them
  • Confidence and conviction in trusting your gut, your intuition
  • Release of guilt for living intuitively
  • Release of habits, fears, thoughts, ideas or beliefs that no longer serve
  • Allowing what brings you joy
  • Maintain and sustain mindfulness
  • Learn to live from one’s heart
  • Learn the art of emotional connection to release what no longer serves
  • Learn how to connect with nature
  • Learn how to introduce nature connection, mindfulness, and emotional connection to your kids

Session Length and Cost:

  • Varies according to clients needs
  • A session is one to two hours. Client may desire more than one session.
  • Sessions hosted at my location in the South Meadows/Damonte Ranch/Virginia Foothills area of Reno, Nevada are $60 – $120
  • All other areas of Reno, Sparks, Incline Village, Tahoe are an additional flat $25.

Book Your Session:

Go here to secure a “Walk With Me” session by placing a $60 deposit. Once received, we will be in contact to obtain further details and schedule your Walk With Me session. Use this Paypal link to secure your session.

Go here to contact me with any questions.

Go here to learn more about the sessions and my personal story.

“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.”~John Muir

Camilla Jumping Washoe Lake April 2016

(Picture of me at Washoe Lake in Nevada – April 2016 … Wheee!)

“Nature is everywhere – in our backyards, schoolyards, city parks, and farmlands. Indeed, nature is quite literally everything, from stars and galaxies to planet Earth and the stuff in you. Simply being in the presence of natural landscapes tends to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Such experiences lower mental fatigue and boost mental clarity while enhancing both work performance and healing.” ~Scott D. Sampson

 Damonte Ranch Trail April 2016