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No new inventory currently as I have been working on my son, Thomas’, book which is now published (October 2016). We are now in the marketing phase! YAY!! Go here to check it out … Biggest Little Photographer

Hand picked and hand painted rocks. The Mystique Boutique inventory is constantly changing with a small inventory on hand. It may be painted rocks or hand crafted poems or who knows what … as I am inspired. xoxo

Each is hand painted with acrylic, signed, dated, and sealed with gloss finish.

Each also comes with a one of a kind poem written by me. The poems and words are directly from the heart and written to pair with the rock. Each is handwritten on recycled/reclaimed materials with a string for hanging.

Much love and heart energy goes into each one.

You will know if one is speaks to you and is meant for you.

All Painted Rocks June 2016 Back All Painted Rocks June 2016 Front

A front and back photo of the most recent collection.

Walking the Trail Painted Rock Back Walking the Trail Painted Rock Front


Walk With Me (Front and Back) $45 (SOLD)

I walk this path with legs
that have walked miles and miles
I walk this path with arms
freed of heavy burdens from the past
I walk this path with a mind
that now supports and encourages the heart
I walk this path with a heart
that is pure and ripe with love
I walk this path with eyes
fresh with new perspectives
I walk this path with ears
awakened to natures sounds
I walk this path with a nose
that takes in the sweetness
I walk this path with mouth and lips
parted to breathe the benevolent essence
I walk this path that never ends
I walk the eternal path home. ~Camilla Downs

Yellow Painted Rock June 2016 Back Yellow Painted Rock June 2016 Front

Yellow Doodle – No poem $25 – includes shipping (SOLD)

Yin Yang Painted Rock June 2016 Back Yin Yang Painted Rock June 2016 Front

Yin Yang (front and back) No poem $20 – includes shipping (SOLD)

All Painted Rocks Camilla May 2016 Tree Blossom Painted Rock May 2016

The Beauty of Blossoms (Sold)

Your beauty is strong.
Your beauty entices me from the deep sleep of letting life live me.
Your beauty shines the light on my heart
Your beauty encourages and sustains whole heartedness.
Your beauty imparts strength and courage.
Your beauty is love. ~Camilla Downs May 2016

Lilac Painted Rock May 2016

Fragrance of Lilac Poem #2 5.2016

The Fragrance of Lilac (Sold)

The fragrance you release is light, colorful, and full of joy.
I stand next to you
I lean in closer
I gently wrap my hand around you
I pull you close
I breathe in and am transported to the heavens within us both.
I smile.
I slowly release you and pull away.
And I saunter away remembering and knowing.
Your fragrance, my fragrance.
We are both love. ~Camilla Downs May 2016

Turquoise Doodle Rock May 2016

The Path of Forgiveness Poem May 2016

The Path of Forgiveness (Sold)

It’s there
Sometimes we are not aware
The path is littered with debris
of circumstances never fully confronted.
And as we are ready to clean
and clear the path
We will see
Forgiveness as the door.
The doorway to freedom,
The catalyst for healing,
The light beneath the darkness.
Awareness as the knob that opens the door.
A knob turned by the hand of one
giving and receiving forgiveness.
At times we may wish we had not chosen
to clean and clear the path
Yet, once cleared
We are free to see clearly
that obstacles have been removed
And that we have created a path
of peace, joy, love, and freedom. ~Camilla Downs May 2016

Tree Silhouette Painted Rock May 2016

Love of Tree Poem May 2016

The Love of Tree (Sold)

Your silhouette soaks into my soul
and stirs creativity to an unbounded place.
I am lifted by your limbs.
I become anointed with the knowing of given talents.
The knowing and conviction of trusting myself.
Your love lightens the load.
What no longer serves is lifted and transmuted by your strength
to float away with the wind.
When I depart your presence, I leave different than I arrived.
I depart on limbs of love. ~Camilla Downs May 2016

Heart Doodles Rock May 2016 Front Heart Doodles Rock May 2016 Back

The Journey Poem May 2016 #2

The Journey (Sold)

A persons journey is never the same as another
With twists and turns and roads less traveled
Smooth at times, bumpy at others.
We begin this journey from our common home
And we travel to far away distant lands
In search of something we think we’ve lost
Only to realize that it was never really lost.
It was simply buried beneath ideas we assumed as our own
And buried beneath beliefs that soaked deep into our cells.
So we each travel our own journey back home
And although our journeys are unique
Our destination is the same.
Ultimately, we all reach the destination
A destination reached at different times for each person.
We are welcomed to a home we never really departed
Welcomed into love’s embrace. ~Camilla Downs May 2016

Blessings and oceans of love … xoxo